Neveu Décors 15 ou 20 mm pour Wargame

Neveu Décors 15 ou 20 mm pour Wargame



Request by email on





In order to built up your quote, I will need :


1.The desired references and their number




2.Your billing address




3.For delivery, your choice of either



⇒ Delivery address, reachable telephone number (requested by La Poste).



♦ Mondial Relais in Relay pick-up point (France/Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands/Spain/Portugal) 


⇒ Your choice, reachable telephone number (requested by the site).


⇒ The link :



♦ International Home Workd Relay (Germany/Belgium/Luxembourg/Nethelands/Spain/Portugal/



⇒ Delivery address, reachable telephone number (requested by the site).



Sending parcels via Mondial Relais which has never posed any problems so far and whose costs are lower than those of the post office which have continued to increase.





4. Your preferred method of payment 


♦ By check (France).

♦ By bank transfer (the most appropriate from EU countries).

⇒ Bank charges for EU countries that do not use the Euro currency.

♦ Paypal (commission fees).






Thanks !



As soon as I receive your order, I'll send you an estimate you must confirm to me before molding.


Payment is only made when Loïc has completed 80% of the order.

I will therefore send you at that time the elements to make your payment.


With regard to the deadlines, it is necessary to allow 15 days maximum after the sending of your order to receive your parcel.


You will automatically have the parcel tracking number (Mondial Relais or Colissimo) on the invoice that will be sent to you by email, after depositing the parcel.


For economic and ecological reasons, we use recycled packaging to make the packages.

The has never been a problem so far.



See you soon.










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